3 Things Needed Before Abortion?

Sep 18, 2023 | Abortion

You may have already made up your mind about abortion, but there are several things you should do first. Confirming key pregnancy details with an obstetric ultrasound, receiving an options consultation, and undergoing STD testing are all critical to protecting your health and ensuring you understand all the available options. 

We’ll review what you need to have done before agreeing to an abortion procedure. Your well-being matters!

1. Obstetric Ultrasound

An ultrasound provides vital information about your pregnancy’s health. You’ll learn whether you have a viable, growing pregnancy. You’ll also determine how far along you are or your gestational age. Lastly, you’ll learn your pregnancy’s location. This last detail can detect whether you have an ectopic pregnancy, which occurs when a fertilized egg implants in a place other than the uterus, such as a fallopian tube. 

An ectopic pregnancy is dangerous if left untreated and always requires medical attention. Skipping an ultrasound and then undergoing an abortion procedure is risky and should be avoided. 

2. Options Consultation

You may feel you know everything about abortion, but you should take the time to understand all your pregnancy options, including parenting and adoption. 

Abortion can cause unpleasant side effects, and although developing complications is rare, it is possible. Learning everything about the procedure before agreeing to have one is best. Moreover, resources are available for those who choose parenting and adoption. You have more support and guidance than you think. Your local pregnancy center can point you toward the assistance you need. 

3. STD Testing

STDs can be passed during sexual activity or through bodily fluids. They can also be passed from a pregnant mother to her child through pregnancy or childbirth. Regular STD testing is essential for early detection, prevention, and proper treatment. 

Not undergoing STD testing can create significant health implications such as infertility and PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). You owe it to yourself to stay on top of your sexual health.

Compassionate Care is Available

Sac Valley Women’s Health offers free, confidential, limited ultrasounds, options consultations, and STD testing. We are committed to providing the care you deserve. 

Make an appointment today. We are here for you.

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