Sac Valley Women's Health

Sac Valley Pregnancy Center helps you prepare to be the best parent you can be by watching these short entertaining videos on your phone!

With our BrightCourse subscription-based video-streaming service our patients learn about topics such as prenatal care, parenting, relationships, life skills, and more. Over 300 classes available! Earn baby items such as Diaper Bags, Carset, stroller, baby essentials and more by enrolling in these easy online courses. Call or speak to a Patient Advocate today to get started!

Available topics:

  • Pregnancy & Birth Pack
  • BrightBirth Academy
  • First Year Pack
  • Toddler Pack
  • Parenting Pack
  • One Heart, Two Homes Pack (CoParenting)
  • Life Skills Pack
  • Love Lessons & The Whole Sex Talk Pack
  • Special Circumstances Pack
  • Positive Partnerships Pack
  • Fatherhood Lessons Being a Father Pack
  • Bible Study Pack
  • Spanish Pregnancy & Birth Pack
  • Spanish First Year Pack
  • Spanish Toddler Pack
  • Spanish Being a Father Pack (Subscribed)
  • Spanish Life Skills Pack (Subscribed)
  • Spanish One Heart, Two Homes (CoParenting) (Subscribed)
  • Client Promotional Items (Subscribed)

“With these classes the closer to my due date that I get; the more prepared I feel for the arrival of my new baby.”  – Ashley