Enjoy Your Pregnancy in a Creative Way: Start a Pregnancy Journal

Feb 2, 2022 | Pregnancy

As a mother of 6, I can vouch that there are differences in each pregnancy- the differences between carrying boys vs. girls; from my first pregnancy at 20 to my last pregnancy at 32; and having a single pregnancy vs. carrying twins. A baby book with “Baby’s first tooth,” or “Baby’s first haircut” is special to create and pass on to that child when they grow older, but “Pregnancy Brain” is a real thing! What better way to remember the abundance of life changes, experiences, and emotions of your pregnancy than jotting it down in a journal?


Set Aside Time for Your Thoughts

Staying in touch with your emotions and thoughts is super important for your mental health. You can decide if you want to make monthly journal entries, write weekly, or just whenever a thought or experience you want to remember comes to mind. If you’re anything like me, you will want to put it in writing before you forget. Even if it is just a note that you can expand on later.


Ideas for Writing

What foods are speaking through you at certain times in your pregnancy? Do you find yourself chewing ice? Pickles and ice cream? These entries are also great to share with your doctor.

Are you experiencing morning sickness or all-day sickness, like I did? Heartburn? Bursts of energy? Braxton Hicks contractions?*

Body Changes
Obviously your body is changing day by day. Write down your belly measurement each week. Are your feet feeling a little bigger than they used to? Is your skin glowing?

What You Have Learned
Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your sixth, there are endless things to learn about pregnancy, parenting, eating habits, etc. Write it down and even share with friends or family when it’s their time to have this amazing experience.

Baby Names
I think I changed my mind 100 times when deciding on the names of my children. I love to look back and laugh at the names I thought were so “original” and the names my husband or family members picked.

Be Positive
There are a lot of things that might seem hard while pregnant but be sure to remember the great parts as well. What are you thankful for that week? Did you get to hear the baby’s heartbeat that day? What was that like? So many fun memories to look back on such as when you feel the first kick or when you put the crib together should fill your journal and give you that warm, fuzzy feeling when you read it later.


Make It Your Own

Decorate your journal and make it something you enjoy writing in. Using colors that you want for the baby’s room/space or use pictures, stickers, and materials to brighten up your book! Turn it into a book that you love and will love to look back on years later. Happy Writing!


– Sally Petree

*Braxton Hicks are false contractions that can begin as early as 6 weeks gestation, but usually felt in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

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