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What to Know Before Recommending an Abortion

Maybe you’re thinking you want your girlfriend to have an abortion because it seems like the quick and easy fix to an unplanned pregnancy. But an elective abortion is a procedure with risks and possible complications. When she takes any medication, or schedules any procedure or surgery, it is essential to make sure she is getting the best care possible. It is important to carefully research the clinic and the doctor to make sure her needs will be met.

Before you make that call, make sure you and your partner get answers to these important questions.

Know Your Rights

  1. Will the center perform an ultrasound before the procedure and what is the cost?
  2. Who will perform the ultrasound and what are their credentials?
  3. Will the physician verify that she has an intrauterine, viable pregnancy? (Is there a heartbeat and did the fetus implant in the uterus?)
  4. Will the ultrasound verify the gestational age of the fetus and whether she is carrying twins?
  5. Can we view the ultrasound if we choose?
  6. Will an ultrasound be performed after the procedure to verify all the pregnancy contents were removed?
  7. Will she be tested for STDs before the procedure?
  8. How will an active STD affect her recovery?
  9. Will the procedure hurt?
  10. What type of pain medication or anesthesia will she be given during and after the procedure? What are the costs?
  11. What is done with the products of conception/fetal remains after a procedure?
  12. Will the clinic treat her for complications? Is the treatment included in the cost of the abortion?
  13. If she needs hospitalization for complications, at which hospital does the physician have admitting privileges?
  14. Will a blood test be performed to determine if her blood is Rh-negative? If she needs a RhoGam injection, what is the cost?
  15. Can we receive a refund if we change our minds?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is a time filled with much fear and uncertainty. Give yourself time to thoroughly investigate all of your options. It is important to make an informed decision.

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This information is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered professional medical advice. We do not perform abortion services.