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Aug 29, 2018 | General Care

I already know I’m going to get an abortion, why should I go to the Sacramento Life Center?

Sacramento Life Center is a safe place to land if a pregnancy has pulled the rug out from under you. No matter what your initial reaction is to learning you’re pregnant, our clinic can be of assistance. Choosing whether or not to continue an unplanned or unsupported pregnancy produces a life-long result that should be carefully considered.

While you have basically three options when it comes to pregnancy: adoption, abortion, and parenting; there are various aspects of each that are important to discuss with a patient advocate. A patient advocate is someone who can help you find solutions to your problems. She is there to help you make your own best decision, a decision made from a place of calm reason. Talking it through with someone who can listen without judgement, empathize, and offer support, solutions, resources and referrals is definitely worthwhile. We encourage you to come in for a free appointment to talk with a patient advocate and take a pregnancy test.

I already know I’m pregnant; I took a test at home.

In order to receive a doctor’s care, a pregnancy must be verified. So we begin with a clinical grade urine pregnancy test. If the test is positive, a written verification of a positive pregnancy test is given.

We also recommend scheduling a free ultrasound. Ultrasound provides essential information about a pregnancy. It confirms viability of the pregnancy, detects the fetal heartbeat, locates and dates the pregnancy. Sometimes a pregnancy measures differently than the last menstrual period would indicate. Abortion procedures change depending on how far along the pregnancy is. At about 13 weeks the abortion becomes a two-to-three day procedure known as a D&E.

All this information is very important to have before seeking an abortion provider.

Sacramento Life Center is licensed with the State of California Department of Public Health. We are very proud to have attained AAAHC Accreditation which distinguishes Sacramento Life Center nationwide as a provider of excellent, high-quality, reliable care in an environment that promotes patient safety and exceptional services.  We are located in a beautiful new facility in the Arden area and have a mobile clinic bringing our services to multiple locations.

With all the valuable information provided, friendly and professional staff, clean and modern clinic, and free services; why wouldn’t you come to the Sacramento Life Center? We are here for you!

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