Understanding Risks and Side Effects When Considering Abortion?

Jan 17, 2024 | Abortion

Understanding abortion risks and side effects is crucial when making a pregnancy decision. You deserve accurate and comprehensive about all your options.

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What to Expect

Ultimately, the physical effects of abortion depend on several factors, including the type of procedure and any preexisting conditions.

Medical Abortion

During a medical abortion, two medications end the pregnancy. Mifepristone blocks progesterone, and misoprostol causes uterine contractions and expels the pregnancy from the body.

If you have this procedure, you’ll experience abdominal cramping and vaginal bleeding. You could also have nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, fever, or chills.

The chances of developing a medical abortion-related risk are low, with the most common risks being:

  • Infection
  • Heavy, prolonged bleeding
  • Digestive system discomfort
  • Fever

Incomplete abortions (when some of the pregnancy tissue remains in the uterus) are a very low risk, especially when a medical abortion occurs in the first trimester.

Surgical Abortion

Two common abortion procedures are dilation and curettage (D & C) and dilation and evacuation (D & E).

A D & C is typically performed between 5 and 16 weeks gestation. This procedure involves using medication, surgical instruments, and/or suctioning to remove the pregnancy tissue from your uterus.

Like a medical abortion, a D & C involves abdominal cramping and vaginal bleeding. Possible risks include uterine perforation, infection, severe bleeding, and incomplete abortion, but these are uncommon.

Septic abortion is a risk, but it’s a very low one. In 2022, it occurred in less than .4% of patients who had first-trimester uterine aspiration abortions.

During a D & E procedure, vacuum aspiration is used during a second-trimester pregnancy. If you have a D & E, you will also experience bleeding and cramping.

It’s important to note that your risk of developing complications increases as your pregnancy advances.

Possible risks include:

  • Infection
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Cervical injury
  • Uterine perforation
  • Incomplete abortion

With any abortion procedure, your risk of developing complications also increases if the procedure is performed in an unsafe or unsanitary environment.

Staying on Top of Your Health

Before making a pregnancy decision, be sure to educate yourself on all your options, including abortion, adoption, and parenting.

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