Women’s Empowerment

Aug 18, 2023 | General Care

Are you a woman seeking work or attempting to get employment? Do you need childcare so that you can go to work? Is your housing situation insecure?

Many women opt to stay at home and care for their families instead of working whereas some wish to work but lack the necessary resources for their families.

Many attempt to seek assistance from family members or other organizations but it comes with numerous challenges.

Perhaps they obtain that assistance, but it can come at a high price.

There is a local Sacramento organization that may be able to assist you in overcoming all the obstacles you face.

If you are experiencing challenges or at risk of homelessness, including

  • Living with a family member
  • Living in a motel
  • Living outside or in a car
  • Staying in a shelter
  • Couch-surfing
  • Transitioning out of prison
  • Facing eviction

At Sacramento Life Center/Sac Valley Women Health, we are affiliated with a program called Women’s Empowerment that will assist you in obtaining employment and leading a secure lifestyle.

Women’s Empowerment provides:

  • Free on-site childcare provided for infants and children(arrive 8:30 am)
  • Individuals identifying as transgender or non-binary are invited and welcome
  • Those without proof of vaccination must arrive by 8:30am for self-administered COVID testing

Women’s Empowerment can help with the knowledge and self-assurance you need to find work, lead a healthy lifestyle, and get your family into a safe living environment. Sacramento Life Center is trying to help Women’s Empowerment spread the word so that every woman can get the hand she needs.

For more information, Women’s Empowerments phone is 916-669-2307
Location: 1590 North A Street, Sacramento,CA 95811

Or, get in touch with us here at Sacramento Life Center for more information. 916-451-4357.

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